Pământ Românesc
A collection of photographs and stories centered around the country of Romania, and to a lesser extent 'Romanian lands' outside of Romania. (areas in neighboring countries with significant Romanian/Moldovan/Vlach populations and traditions)
  1. The symbolism of Easter eggs should be sought before the birth of Christ, in ancient times. Egg was given as a gift being considered a symbol of balance, creation, fertility, symbol of life and of the renewal of nature.

    The red colour that is used to paint eggs for Easter, it symbolizes on the one hand the fire with its purifying power, and the blood of Jesus that has passed the cross for the salvation of the world.

    The lines that are drawn on painted eggs represent:
    - the Straight vertical line = life;
    - the Straight horizontal line = death;
    - the Double straight line = eternity;
    - the Line with rectangles = thinking and knowledge;
    - the Slightly wavy line = water, purification;
    - the Spiral = time, eternity;
    - the Double spiral = connection between life and death

    (Photos taken in Bucovina)

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